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The Hebrew Word of the Day...

Who is in the room? Me bah-cheh-dehr?

We are in the room? Anachnu bah-cheh-dehr.

What are doing in the room? Ma ohseem bah-chehdehr?

We are learning to speak our language! Anachnu lomdeem sahpah shehlanu!

Y'howah who tov kol hazman, kol hazman Y'howah who tov. Ani lo ehdahg key ain li d'agoat. Ani ehr-chats et Y'howah b'kol ate. Ha-shibchoh yih-yeh l'hor ha raf al spah-tie.

Y'howah is good all the time, all the Y'howah is good. I will not worry because I have no worries. I will extol Y'howah at all times. His praise will continually be on my lips.

Ha-melah Ha-Evreet Shel Ha-Yom Hebrew Word of the Day

What's up?- Ma Quo'reh? Engagement-Ay-ru'seen

Disrespect-Zilzul To Cook-L'vahshale Spicy-Chahreef

Salty-Mah'lu'ach Bitter- Ta'ahm mar No taste-Ain ta'ahm

Politely-B'nee'mus Decline-Y'ree'dah To lie-Lahshehquehr

Figured out- L'ha'veen Feelings-R'gah-shoat

Ain R'gahshoat P'gu'eem No Hurt Feelings

Yonah w'Elishah m'ay-ur'seem (engaged). Sarah, ahchohtoh Yonah (Yonah's sister), rohtzah la'ahroke ahruchat ay'ru'seen (engagement) lahzur (for the couple). Sarah shoh-eh-let eht Elishah ma hee chohshehvet ahl ha-rahyohn. Hee ohmehret la-Sarah shehhee t'dahbare ahl zeh ahm Yonah w'tohdee'ah lah.

Jonah and Elishah are engaged. Sarah, Jonah's sister, wants to have an engagement dinner for the couple. Sarah asks Elishah what she thinks about the idea. She tells Sarah that she will talk it over with Jonah and will let her know.


Shalom, ehfshar l'dahbare em Yonah, B'vahquahshah?

Hello, may I speak with Jonah, please?


Shalom Mohtehq, zeh ani. Ma quohreh?

Hi babe, it's me. What's up?


Ahchoatkah hitquashrah li hayom. Hee rohtzah la'ahroke (to throw) lanu ahru'chat ay'ru'seen. Ahkshaw, J, ani lo mitka'wayn (mean) lapgee'ah (harm oh zilzul (disrespect), ahvale ahchoatkah lo y'kolah l'bahshale.

Your sister called me today. She wants to throw us an engagement dinner. Now J, I don't mean any harm or disrespect but your sister can't cook.


Ahf ehchad lo nil-quad (none taken). Aht tzoh-dehquet (you are right), hee loh yohda'at la-bahshale. Ha'ohkale shehlah m'tu'bahl (seasoned) chahreef (spicy) miday, oh mahlu'ach (salty) miday. Ha-meetz ta'ahm mar, k'ee'lu shahkchah eht ha sukar oh mahshehwho Ma sipar'tae lah?

None taken. You're right, she can't cook. Her food is either too spicy or too salty. The juice is bitter like she forgot the sugar or something. What did you tell her?


Lo ya'dahti ma l'ha'geed, ahval kain ahmarti lah shehn-tahq-share ayleh'ha bahchahzahrah (callher back). Oohlie tu'kal l'hitqua'share ayleh'ha ool-sahrave b'nee'moos (politely decline), l'hohdote lah ahl ha-ha'tzah'ah (the offer). Oohlie tu'kal lohmar lah shehkvar (already) yaysh lanu tock-nee'yoat.

I didn't know what to say, but I did tell her that we'll call her back. Maybe you can call her and politely decline, thank her for the offer. Maybe you can tell her we already have plans.


Biglahl sheh-hee tahbahcheet (cook) ahlu'val (lousy), aht rohtzah sheh-ah'shahquair (that I should lie) lah? Because she is a lousy cook, you want me to lie to her?


Kain, mahshehwho kahzeh. Yea, something like that.


Mi-kay-won (since) sheh-hahbahnot (figured it out) lamah loahmartae lah eht zeh k'sheh-hee hitquashrah (when she called)?

Since you have it all figured out, why didn't you just tell her that when she called?


Lo rahtzee'tilifgo'ah b'rigshohteh'hah. Zoat ahchoatkah,lo shehli. Em zeh hayah, ha-yee-ti ohmehret lah dohfayq lave (heartbeat)mah tov.

I didn't want to hurt her feelings. That's your sister, not mine. If it was I'd tell her in a heartbeat what's good.


Ahz aht ma'ahdeef sheh ani ahshaquare lah m'ahshare lock, k'day she-tukal la-chahsoak eht rigshohteh-hah? Bahehmet? Ma shehtahgeed (whatever). Hasibahhighchee'dah she ani ohseh eht zeh hee, key ani oh-hayv ohtock. Ain d'ahgoat. Ani ahtahpale bahzah (I'll handle it). Aht yohda'at shehaht rahkah (soft), nahkone?

So you'd rather I lie to her than you, so you can spare her feelings? Really? Whatever. The only reason I'm doing this is that I love you. No worries. I'll handle it. You know you're soft, right?


Kain ani yohda'at. Ani pahshoot lo rohtzah,ain r'gahshoat p'gu'eem. Todah ah'hoov (love). Ani oh-hehvet oatkah kal kock. L'hitra'oat!

Yeah, I know. I just don't want, No Hurt Feelings. Thank you, love.

I love you so so much. Bye.

B'sayder Mishpachah, gamartee. Alright, Family, I'm finished.

Z'kore tameed.Neh-hehdar, neh-hehdar, neh-hehdar who Y'howah koh-chai ooh-mehlehkey akshaw k'moh tameed. Always remember, Great, Wonderful, Magnificent is Y'howah, my Power and my King now as always.

K'moh Kain, dabar chi-you'vee.Tee-shah-air chi-you'vee.Toch-shohv chi-you'vee, biglal Y'howah who chi-you'vee.

Also, speak positively. Stay positive. Think positively, because Y'howah, He is Positive.